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Soul & Blues Festival 2020 is July 31 – August 2!

Due to COVID-19, we are going virtual this year! Our schedule is set, and you can view it HERE.

Black Artists Spotlight

image-of-professor-loyce-arthurSummer of the Arts is proud to share a brief look into a few of the area’s Black Artists and the positive impact they are having on our community and the arts scene.

This year’s spotlight features Loyce Arthur, Jean Berry, Steven Toriano Berry, Rachelle Chase, An Duplan, Andre Perry, Damani Phillips, Caleb “The Negro Artist” Rainey, James Tutson, and Deborah Whaley.

If you are a Black Artist or know someone who might want to be added to this spotlight, please let us know by clicking HERE. To view the information on these talented artists, click HERE.

About The Soul & Blues Festival

The Soul & Blues Festival is a reworking of the former Iowa Soul Festival. This festival celebrates the local and global reach of Soul & Blues music through the Black Experience.

Wanna Get a Feel for the Festival?

What You Need to Know

2020 Festival Information

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Transportation and Parking

Most Iowa City, Coralville, and University of Iowa bus routes come in/through downtown, so there’s always an option. Please note that the festival does impact bus routes, so check their websites for more information. Check out Bongo for GPS-based, real-time trip planning.

There are four parking ramps in downtown Iowa City providing over 3,000 parking spots! Find out more including detailed locations and cost by clicking on one below: